Knowledge Base

The Demand Planning Knowledge Base

These pages are an archive of accumulated knowledge on Demand Planning, Market share forecasting, Forecasting for inventory management and Sales and Operations Planning.

There are some heavily cited pages on Demand Metrics particularly on Forecast Accuracy, Demand forecast errors including Weighted Absolute Percent Error, Forecast Bias, Mean Absolute Percent Error, SKU Mix Error and Persistent Bias.

Here, you will find materials on:

  • Planning - These pages cover Budgeting and S&OP 
  • Metrics - These pages include Demand Metrics, Inventory Metrics, and Customer Service Metrics. 
  • Collaboration - including Vendor Managed Inventory, VMI & Co-Managed Inventory CMI, as well as Collaborative Account Based Forecasting ABF
  • Forecasting - Causal Modeling, Market Modeling, Ship to Share Models
  • Student materials - These include materials on SAS forecasting techniques.  We plan to add a variety of materials for students of Operations Management.