Romancing the Regression Equation

Regression is one of the highly spoken about quantitiative methods in forecasting. It is a statistical method of identifying relationship between two or more variables (one dependent variable and others independent variables). If these two variables have a strong relationship then we leverage this relationship to use the knowledge of the independent variable to predict […]

How to use Exception Reports to Evaluate Forecast Errors

How to Analyse Variations in Forecast vs. Actuals to Improve Forecasts. The job of demand planners is not over by generating forecast numbers. In order to assist the planning process team and correct the forecast it is best to have exception reports in place. It is important to find the anomalies in the data and create […]

Still believe business forecasting is not for you?

Business planning & forecasting as a subject and function makes for an interesting discussion on its importance. With availability of data and technology the function is now making its presence felt in the increasingly competitive business world. However, this is not without its set of resistances specially from the traditional thought process. In this write […]

New Product Forecasting

Today, most companies involve themselves with a wide range of products. Competitive compulsions force companies to keep the product range fresh and relevant in the marketplace and hence introduce new products in high frequency than ever before. However, from the planning perspective, forecasting demand for the new products is one of the biggest challenges for […]

The Pecking Order of Demand

Of late we noticed something strange in some of the big companies that we are working with and we guess they found something strange about our observations. The demand planner in all of these companies was working directly at SKU level and nothing above it. This means that if the company has 10,000 SKUs, the […]

Leveraging Demand Planning for Improved Supply Chain Performance

The demand planner holds the unique position in the organization’s value chain.  With improved product forecasting via effective collaborative management she is able to assist all value chain processes work more smoothly and efficiently. As you can see from the foregoing, we have placed the demand planner as the lynchpin of the PRIMARY ACTIVITIES of […]

S&OP and Importance of Collaboration!

Notes from the round table discussion on S&OP and Collaboration at the IBF Conference, Dubai in April 2016 It is very apparent that the success of the S&OP process lies with the support of the management as was the feedback from every one. No amount of noble intention from the planning team can make it […]

Making Forecasting A Team Sport

Collaborative forecasting as a term has been in vogue for quite some time. However, in reality it is seldom seen in action except in the organizations with a very disciplined demand planning process. Even then the collaboration is a highly manual process relying on emails and Excel Documents. Demand planning is one operation that works […]

Planamind Bags Two Wins From FinancesOnline’s 2017 Awards

                                                               Our endeavour to offer an easy to use world class and powerful planning system with Planamind just got a seal of approval from the experts. FinancesOnline, amongst the […]

Demand Forecasting and Planning – Earning Your Place Back

Demand planning & forecasting as a function has not really caught the fancy of the corporate world, specially the top management, as much it should have. It is not even the major listed function of the corporate like sales, marketing, finance, supply chain or finance. Hence, it is usually hosted as a sub function under […]

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