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What our clients have to say about us and why they keep coming back to us.

Here are a few snippets


We were impressed with the flexibilty of forecasting at different hierarchy
levels and aggregate and disaggregate with such ease. This will save us a lot of
time especially when we make forecast adjustments at different levels. We
also found that the tool is very intuitive and user friendly and we could use
the tool as forecaster’s console as we could view external data points before
finalizing the forecast. We are sure that this tool will help us improve forecast
accuracy and efficiency.Thank you for your patience in answering all our
questions and helping us in making a decision to buy the tool.

We would not hesitate to recommend this tool to others and it’s been
a pleasure dealing with you.

Hewlett- Packard

We have implemented & using effectively for getting forecasts by collaboration from all our
branches. Rishi worked patiently with us to understand our challenges & helped to plan the
process. The process is now effective & we intend to use it for our other product-lines.

Micromatic Machine Tools

Great aptitude as well attitude for the numbers, forecasting as well integrated
business planning. I have done business with Rishi and admire him for his
professionalism, where he supported me in implementation of the project far
after the sale was completed, he is very committed and exhibits very high
standard of integrity.

Levi Strauss & Co

Rishi has helped put in place a very structured, yet dynamic process for effective forecasting
and inventory management at Currents. In particular, Rishi has brought deep expertise in the
subject combined with effective communication to bring all users and stakeholders on board
and to ensure effective roll-out of the process.

Currents Technology Retail

Planamind is an ideal tool for businesses that are looking to achieve and sustain significant
growth using statistical forecasting. The software is very user-friendly as it is robust. Planning
with Planamind is a breeze and the application comes with a plethora of features and options
that are easy to use. 
With Planamind, you get interactive dashboards and highly actionable
business intelligence reports. The platform lets you do what you want with your data and
present them in professional-looking charts during your presentation.

Finances Online


We have seen a reduced MAPE  in Planamind vs Our existing Forecasted numbers.

In addition we have received BI reports and web access for our Sales team for their inputs,
thereby getting them involved in the process of Demand Planning as a Bottoms up approach.