5 reasons your company should invest in Business Planning Training

Invest in Business Planning Training To perform at peak capacity one needs to stay sharp. In corporate culture to stay ahead you need to constantly sharpen the skills. Training helps reinforced the learning demanded by the function. This is a worthwhile use of resources both from the company’s perspective and from the perspective of the […]

Does your planning software have a genie ?

The function of planning and forecasting goes back a long way and has mentions as an ancient practice in religious and historical texts. Like all other phenomena, the function deals with development and advancement, whether theoretical or technological, in a cyclic manner – Realise, Reconstruct, Refresh and Repeat.  When it comes to modelling times series sales […]

The Problem with Negative Values in Time-Series Forecasting

There is an old expression that is ubiquitous in human activities that involve the use of input data to create actionable information. That expression is: ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’.   The same axiom applies to time-series forecasting.  Time-series forecasting is a technique which is predicated upon the tenet that a mathematical model which fits the pattern […]

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