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About Anamind

Anamind is a company of the planning and forecasting, by planning professionals and for the planning function and professionals.

Our objective is to make business operations planning powerful but with systems that are intuitive and easy to use. We want it to be collaborative and analytical and not just a number-crunching exercise. We wish to see this function as the most critical decision support unit in any organization. 

Our founding team with over 50 Years of combined work experience in iconic companies like Apple, Goodyear and Hewlett Packard have ease of product use, depth of knowledge and high-grade performance in their natural work DNA

We work to achieve our mission in three different ways:

  1. Offer planning and forecasting software that matches our mission and objective for the planning function
  2. Offer our functional expertise as professional services to implement or improve the forecasting process
  3. Provide planning education and training to planning function as well as planning professionals or students to improve their skill sets

In our short history, we are very proud to have worked with several Fortune 500 companies and implemented planning software in 18 countries. As a result, our planning experience now ranges from companies making toys to aircraft and lingerie to textile yarns. However, our journey has just begun and we excitedly look forward to meeting you in the next stop!

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