Business Intelligence & Analytics for Financial Analysts


  • Business Intelligence Platform – Power BI
    • Introduction and differences with excel and ppt
    • Data connectivity & preparation
    • Fundamental rules for data management
    • Creating reports and dashboards
    • Working with formula and queries
    • Publishing and sharing reports
  • Financial Analytics
    • Financial Dashboard
    • Trend and mix analysis
    • Variance analysis
    • Price volume analysis
    • BEP & sensitivity analysis
    • Optimization and ROI analysis
    • Balance sheet analytics
    • Income statement anaysis
    • Working capital analysis
    • Capex analysis
    • Business valuation


  1. 2 Days program
  2. On company premise
  3. Minimum 8 participants
  4. Hands on exercises
  5. Pre & post training evaluation
  6. Free access to online course

Participant Background

Planning professionals from Demand Planning, Supply Chain, Sales and Finance functions.
Basic knowledge of statistical concepts shall be useful in understanding models
Training programs do not get into mathematical derivations of the models but conceptual understanding for application purpose