Demand Planning & Forecasting

A comprehensive 2 days training program that is aimed to improve the productivity of the planning process and team. No matter which forecasting software you use, this training program will enhance your skill sets and your process output.

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Topic Coverage

  1. Introduction to Planning & Forecasting
  2. 4Ws of Forecasting
  3. Data cleansing
  4. Simple Forecasting Models
  5. Advanced Forecasting Models -
  6. Exponential Smoothing & ARIMA
  7. Special Forecasting Models
  8. New product forecasting methods
  9. Error Measurement
  10. Planning & Forecasting Function


  1. 2 Days program
  2. On company premise
  3. Minimum 8 participants
  4. Hands on exercises
  5. Pre & post training evaluation
  6. Free access to online course

Participant Background:

Planning professionals from Demand Planning, Supply Chain, Sales and Finance functions. Basic knowledge of statistical concepts shall be useful in understanding models Training programs do not get into mathematical derivations of the models but conceptual understanding for application purpose

A very useful training program for demand planners along with in detail information of forecasting models and deep dive on forecast accuracy. Overall it is a good training where we learned about planning tools and about forecasting models. ~West Pharma