Pharma Health Care FMCG


The company is engaged in manufacture and sale of a range of FMCG, Healthcare and Pharma products. The operations cover 17 manufacturing locations, 1400 direct customers across 7 regions fulfilled by 22 distribution centers. Product offering includes 6 major product lines with about 300 mother SKUs.

The company has deployed a planning module of a leading ERP vendor for its primary sales forecasting. However, there was lack of visibility into consumer demand beyond distributors to manage the channel inventory. The syndicated Nielson data was not being proactively used for this purpose either.

Secondary sales forecasting required setting up of a new system and process.

Key Challenges

High Channel Inventory

High working capital investment VMR process not strictly adhered Manual stock planning by sales team

No Tracking of Secondary Sales Trends

Lack of reporting & analysis

Lack of Team Bandwidth

Both new system and process required additional resources to support until stability


Forecast Secondary Sales & Stock Mgmt

Cloud based low cost planning tool No capex investment. Plug & play Statistical forecast at sku level

BI Based Demand Sensing Reports

Trend, market share & promo analysis Exceptions report to review forecast ABC & forecast error bucket analysis

Process Consulting & Manpower Support

Process set up – flow & timelines KPIs & reports identification Trained planning manpower support

Key Benifits

Quick forecasting capability deployment within 2 weeks

Including process diagnostics, Cloud forecasting system and BI

Insightful analysis and tracking resulting in forecast accuracy of 90%

New process and capability set up without additional burden on current resources