Consumer Durables


A global leader in electronic consumer product was using internally developed forecasting tool. While this system served well in setting up the process over time, the planning team had issues with its scaling up capability to improve the process to the next level.

The system lacked comprehensive set of statistical techniques for forecasting and analytics features required by the planning team. In addition it had no collaborative feature, which they needed to seamlessly collaborate with regional teams for their inputs.

Anamind implemented forecasting system with powerful statistical methods and collaborative feature

Key Challenges

Limited Statistical Forecasting Capability

Basic forecasting methods Limitations on data cleaning No slicing and dicing of numbers

Spreadsheet & Mail Based Collaboration

Error prone manual collaboration for overrides. Time consuming compilation process

Limited Analytical Capability

Manual reporting and limited analytical capability


Statistical System With Advanced Models

Cloud based low cost planning tool No capex investment. Plug & play On the fly slice & dice capability

Online Collaboration & Overrides With Comments

Override report for quick view

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Trend, market share & promo analysis Exceptions report to review forecast Automated stock calculations

Key Benifits

Quick forecasting System deployment within 2 weeks

Cloud forecasting system and BI platform

Online collaboration reduced time and effort of both planning and regional teams

Insightful analysis and tracking resulting in immediate improved accuracy by at least 5%