Fastener Supplier


Winzer Corporation is a full-service distributor of more than one million different fasteners, tools, and other supplies to more than 35,000 customers.

Key Challenges

Demand could not be forecast with the company's in-house purchase recommendation system.

Most of Winzer’s 165,000-plus SKUs experienced sporadic demand that could not be successfully forecast with the company’s in-house purchase recommendation system.

Using assumptions that were inconsistent from manager to manager.

Lack of trust in the system spurred Winzer’s purchasing managers to review and adjust each forecast, often using assumptions that were inconsistent from manager to manager.

Limited reporting features added to the difficulty of managing inventory.

To reduce inventory and associated carrying costs, Winzer began looking for an automated inventory optimization solution that could accurately forecast demand.


High Analytic Capability

Winzer conducted a thorough evaluation of four leading forecasting software vendors and selected Vanguard Software’s Predictive Planning. Winzer was impressed with the team’s high analytic capability, especially around sporadic demand.

Vanguard’s solution

Vanguard provided high analytic capability, especially around sporadic demand.

Impact on client’s business

  • Achieved 1350% in ROI.
  • Over $1 million in inventory reduction within 5 months.
  • Enhanced fill rate stability.

Key Benifits

Achieved a >1350% ROI

Achieved a >1350% return on investment

99% order fill-rate

Decreased safety stock while still maintaining 99% order fill-rate

Decrease in inventory by 9%

Decreased inventory by 9% in the first five months

Customer Feedback

“One vendor stood head and shoulders above the others through the process — Vanguard Software. Vanguard consistently worked harder and provided more tangible, high-quality data and answers to questions than any other competitor.” — Jim Cafferty, lead evaluator for Winzer.