Generic Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer and Distributor


Aurobindo Pharma is a global manufacturer and distributor of generic pharmaceuticals. Since entering the U.S. market in 2004, Aurobindo Pharma USA has been among the fastest-growing pharmaceutical providers. In just over a decade, the division has multiplied its portfolio to more than 125 product families and over 450 individual product packages across a still-widening range of therapeutic categories.

Key Challenges

Spreadsheets to forecast demand

Recently, Aurobindo’s U.S.-market expansion began to outpace its internal planning capability. “We were using spreadsheets to forecast demand and that had become a major problem,” explained Dave Palew, Director of Supply Chain for Aurobindo Pharma USA.

Spreadsheets became too cumbersome to manage, and too error-prone

As the portfolio expanded, the spreadsheets became too cumbersome to manage, and too error-prone to be used with confidence. The problem was exacerbated by the nature of the business.

Three major wholesalers now control the biggest chunk of the market

Myriad manufacturers are vying to supply these wholesalers. A top-slot supplier might provide 90% of the volume of a given drug to a given wholesaler. Meanwhile, myriad manufacturers are vying to supply these wholesalers.


Automate and improve forecasting and planning process.

Aurobindo Pharma USA engaged with Vanguard Software to automate and improve its forecasting and planning process. The company chose Vanguard for its seasoned professional services team as well as for its flagship forecasting and planning solution

Continually test forecasts

Aurobindo users continually test their forecasts using Vanguard Predictive Planning’s Exceptions Report, part of a larger reporting module.

Automatically guiding users to trouble spots

Vanguard Predictive Planning saves time, automatically guiding users to trouble spots: a zero-effort alternative to combing through thousands of spreadsheet forecasts.

Key Benifits

Achieved rapid growth

With Vanguard Predictive Planning, Aurobindo Pharma USA achieved rapid growth in both inventory utilization and business volume, due in part to dramatic improvement in the ability to prepare forecasts

Users visualize and engage with their forecasts

With additional analytical and reporting tools, such as the triangle report, waterfall report, and various charts, users were not only able to better visualize and engage with their forecasts, but to easily export data to build custom reports and presentations on the fly.

Track and adjust forecasts across multiple key identifiers

“We’re able to track and adjust forecasts across multiple key identifiers, such as product code, product family, customer, and national account manager. Using spreadsheets, we would not have been able to handle these volumes, especially not with the level of detailed analytics that we pull daily from Vanguard,” Palew said. None of this was previously possible

Customer Feedback

"Vanguard allowed for a manageable database of our ever-expanding catalog of products. We could quickly pull relevant forecast information, make adjustments, or note changes as needed.” -Dave Palew, Director of Supply Chain, Aurobindo Pharma USA