Lingerie Inner wear


A leading lingerie company engaged in manufacture and sale of a range of footwear and accessories. The retail footprint covered over 250 stores of multiple formats spread across the country. Product range consisted of over 1000 SKUs of both fashion and core products

The company did not have any formal sales forecasting process and predominantly worked on judgment of sales team estimations of demand. It was facing continual issues on stocking at store level, which indicated high stocking levels and imbalances.

Anamind implemented the solution that streamlined supply operations within 8 weeks

Key Challenges

Spreadsheet Based Sales Estimations

Manual forecasting process Delayed time planning timelines Stock imbalances

Judgment Based Supply

Resource dependent supply requirements for warehouse and store level stocking

No Reporting And Analytics

Lack of systematic collaboration with sales on forecasting. No analytics and reporting process in place


Statistical Forecasting System

Cloud based low cost planning tool No capex investment. Plug & play Statistical forecast at store - sku level

Automated Supply Planning

Automated forecast based supply calculations at store and warehouse levels

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Dynamic base stock calculations Trend, market share & promo analysis Exceptions report to review forecast

Key Benifits

Quick forecasting System deployment within 2 weeks

Cloud forecasting system and BI platform

Insightful analysis and tracking resulting in immediate improved sales by 5% owing to process efficiency

Faster and resource agnostic process leading to quick response times