Business Planning & Forecasting

Business Planning & Forecasting
Course Fee : USD 109 / INR 7,680

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This is a comprehensive business planning and forecasting course that covers both qualitative and quantitative aspects such as the planning process and forecasting techniques. This course aims to help the business planners better understand the functional requirements and the better use advanced forecasting software.

This course has been designed for a planning professional working as a part of the business functions like supply chain, finance or sales & marketing. The purpose of the course is to equip the planner with the basic principles of planning and business understanding of the quantitative techniques and their use.

The course does not delve upon the mathematical derivations of the forecasting models or statistical computations of various coefficients and parameters. It is expected that the business planner would be using a planning software that assist in such derivations and computations.

Target Audience

  • Supply chain professionals
  • Demand planning professionals
  • Business planning professionals
  • Data analytics professionals
  • Management students


  • Introduction to business planning & forecasting
  • Data cleansing
  • Simple forecasting models
  • Exponential Smoothing
  • Intermittent & discrete data models
  • New product forecasting
  • Planning function & process

What will You Learn

  • Forecasting process basics and best practices
  • Understanding various forecasting methods
  • Understanding forecast error measurements
  • New product forecasting methods


  • Basic understanding of statistics
  • Basic understanding of planning process


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