Predictive Analytics : ARIMA

Predictive Analytics : ARIMA
Course Fee : USD 20 / INR 1,280

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This course aims to make planners understand the powerful but complex method of ARIMA. This method is used by all good forecasting software like Planamind or Forecast Pro and one should be able to conceptually understand what this technique intends to achieve.

The course does not delve upon the mathematical derivations of the forecasting models or statistical computations of various coefficients and parameters. It is expected that the business planner would be using a planning software that assist in such derivations and computations.

Target Audience

  • Supply chain professionals
  • Demand planning professionals
  • Business planning professionals
  • Data analytics professionals
  • Management students


  • Introduction to ARIMA
  • Components of ARIMA model
  • Reading the ARIMA model
  • Pros & Cons of the model
  • ARIMA vs Exponential Smoothing
  • ARIMA vs Regression
  • Examples and computations

What will You Learn

  • Conceptual understanding of the ARIMA model
  • How to read an ARIMA model
  • How does it compare to other methods


  • Basic understanding of planning process
  • Basic understanding of statistics


Application of ARIMA model
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7 lectures
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