Revenue planning

Streamline is able to import sales prices as well as sales history, allowing revenue forecasts align with demand forecasts.

Planning by style, model, size, colour, new products

Innovative forecasting techniques are used that dramatically improve accuracy. Forecasts are created for each SKU in each location and can be easily fine-tuned on a category level.

Seamless integration

Bidirectional connectivity allows to pull in data from your sales system into Streamline, as well as automatically export the forecasted order information back to your ERP system.


Streamline allows you to plan inventory and generate purchase plan in case of two-echelon planning.

Product shelf life

Streamline can take into account the product shelf life limit when builds the purchase or replenishment plan.

Purchase plans for manufacturers

Streamline can show purchase plans and projected inventory levels on different bases.

Seasonality and trend detection

Seasonal & trend model includes seasonal and trend components.

User Customization

Dashboards, navigation, data hierarchies

Roles and Permissions

Set unique access rights to data, views, or modules

Intuitive Web User Interface

Access on any device

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