Business overrides

Every good demand forecasting software always incorporates  business judgements and so does Anamind

Disaggregate functionality

We know that the judgements may not have the last level of detail and hence this demand forecasting software from India does it for you when you make a business override at a higher level of the hierarchy.

New product forecasting

Forecast Pro, our demand forecasting software from India, helps you do new product forecasting with its easy-to-use inbuilt analogy-modelling feature

Cross Functional Collaboration

Forecast Pro is the only demand forecasting software from India, that helps companies achieve consensus, it provides a one – number  forecast with effective collaboration

Hierarchy flipping

Slice and dice your data to help you see the best possible view of planning with the award winning demand forecasting software from India, Forecast Pro

Outlier identification & correction

Statistical outlier detection and easy correction is a feature that helps Forecast Pro, Anamind’s demand forecasting software from India, make the forecast more robust

Events marking and what if

Mark business events like promotions, festivals etc to strengthen the history and also use the same for what-if analysis in the forecast with Anamind’s demand forecasting software, Forecast Pro

Unit conversions

See your data in any unit you want. For instance volume can be converted to values or any other unit of measurement with Forecast Pro, our demand forecasting software

External Data

Want to compare your forecast to  your Plan or Current Stock? Our demand forecasting software Forecast Pro from India allows you get that information for you to see alongside your forecasts

Expert Selection

You don’t have to be a statistician to get the best out of Forecast Pro, a premier demand forecasting software from India. The expert selection feature automatically selects the best fit model for each data series.

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