GMDH Streamline

GMDH is a global innovative provider of business forecasting solutions. GMDH solutions are built on a 100% proprietary technology and handle every part of the demand and inventory planning process, providing complete transparency across the entire supply chain.

Vanguard Software

The Vanguard IBP software platform is much more than a statistical forecast engine. It’s a complete platform that combines expert systems technology, advanced analytics, and workforce knowledge and insight for best-possible forecasting and planning.


World’s easiest forecasting software with the most powerful statistical engine and first to offer integrated business intelligence reporting platform. Your admiration for this forecasting software is guaranteed.

Forecast Pro

With over three decades of service across the industry segments and company sizes, this award winning forecasting software needs no introduction. The simplicity of usage, the width of process coverage and the accuracy of forecasts makes this the best buddy in your personal computer.

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