Planning Analytics

Take Your Planning Process To The NEXT Level

Give your number crunching and analysis process a new lease of life with exciting analytics accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device. Anamind helps you implement state of the art Business Intelligence and Analytics platform with the most insightful analysis of your business process.


  • Single version of the truth
  • Anytime anywhere access including mobile app
  • Fully customizable dashboards, reports & analytics
  • Interactive reports for quick answers
  • Alert mechanism for quick responses
  • Any system or sheet connectivity

About Planning Analytics

Planning Analytics automates and thereby improves your planning, reporting and analysis process. With the power of state of the art business intelligence platform it helps the business user with self service analytics that can give actionable insights with ability to answer intuitive questions with every click.

It not only saves valuable time but also takes your planning process to the next level. Analyze your plan numbers, forecast errors and find opportunities making your planning team a true decision support function.

Gift your business the power of speed, agility and analytical power for the competitive edge with cent percent customizable reports at a fraction of a cost.

Indicative BI & Analytics implementations

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Sales Planning & Analytics

Be on top of your sales plans and performances with three dimensional view of the business.

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Performance Scorecards

Get performance insights to your company’s products, locations and people with the innovative performance scorecards

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Financial Planning & Analytics

Track your financial plans and analyze your performance for continuous improvement with our suite of financial analytics reports.

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Custom Reports

Make us think to design and deliver reports in Planning & Analytics for any of your business functions like supply chain, HR, production.