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Advanced Analytics Forecasting – Why it always comes back to forecast accuracy

Modern enterprises are awash in data. And it’s a fact that these data produce more accurate expected outcomes (and fatter returns) when wrung through statistical models, rather than guessed about. So why is there a hole in this marketplace? In this white paper, discover Advanced Analytics Forecasting – Why it always comes back to forecast accuracy

The Sales Forecast: Top 4 Barriers to Sales Team Accuracy

Companies have long struggled with how to include Sales team insights into their operations forecasts. The potential benefits are great; Sales has unique insights into rising trends, market shifts, and new competitors. In this white paper, discover ‘Top 4 Barriers to Sales Team Accuracy’

7 Features You Need in Cash Flow – Forecasting Software

Understanding your organization’s cash flow has always been important. In lean times, when it’s not possible to operate with large cash balances, accurate cash flow forecasting becomes critical.

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group LLC and Supply Chain Matters

The Morphing of Supply Chain and Enterprise Business Planning: Process-People-Information Considerations. Discover ‘The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group LLC’

Food and Beverage Companies Become Market Leaders with Vanguard Predictive Planning

The food and beverage industry is not for the faint of heart. A company’s success depends heavily on its ability to effectively identify and manage risks, reduce costs and spoilage, and outperform competitors.

New Product Demand Forecasting From Comparables to Supersessions

Marketplace fluctuation raises the specter of product-release failure or underperformance. This makes new product demand forecasting and planning exceedingly difficult, especially for products with short and fast-changing consumer demand cycles.

Portfolio Review to Full S&OP with Cloud-Based Advanced Analytics

You don’t need to be a quantitative expert to get substantial returns from advanced-analytic software. On the contrary, best-in-class applications are designed to make the data and algorithmic technology accessible to non-technical business users.

Are You Solving the Symptom or the Problem?

When selecting supply planning software, it is crucial to understand the importance of forecasting relative to other system features.

The Business Case for Demand Forecasting

Every management team strives to get the most out of the money and effort it places into various investments.