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Our analytical minds are helping companies around the globe ranging from Apparel to Aviation
as forecasting process experts to improve the planning process and the forecasting accuracy.

Forecasting is as much an Art as it is a Science. Software can give you the science behind it but the art
comes from the experience and it does take two to tango!

Our consulting services typically includes diagnostics of the current process
followed by building an improved process.

    The Two Step Process in our Consulting Practice - Diagnose and then build

Knowing what your customers want and having right stock and right location
is the biggest competitive edge any business can have
in today’s fiercely fought consumer battle.
We help you win that battle!


Key Challenges

Lack of good in house statistical knowledge and tools
Heavy reliance on excel with very limited capability
Lack of tracking of demand shaping events
Lack of tracking forecast accuracy and continuous improvements

How we help

Anamind’s Demand Planning & Forecasting service helps organizations
to take their planning function to the next level with the help of technology
and in-depth forecasting knowledge and experience.
Source your smart team to design, build, run
and finally give you back a world class process

Key Benefits

Direct impact on topline and bottom line with improved forecasting process
Reduced cost to capability
Low dependency on dedicated resources
No or low capital investment


Success Stories