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Course Objectives and Key Take Away


Modern technology in conjunction with data science and compulsions of the competitive marketplace has provided the analytical firepower to the planning activity like never before in the history. Like it or not but you cannot do without the knowledge of the quantitative techniques in the planning process. Thanks to the advanced computing, you do not have to solve the algorithms but you must understand their application without a compromise, to be able to leverage them effectively.

Anamind brings you a courses that explain the quantitative  techniques as well as the process knowledge in easy to understand and business language. These courses are meant for business planner and does not delve into statistical deviations of the forecasting algorithms.

Courses are available both online and in classroom sessions



Medium of Delivery
Self paced online course with option to interact with questions on Udemy platform

Take Aways
Life time access to the course material
Certificate of completion

Course List


  1. Business Planning & Forecasting Comprehensive Course

Introduction to Business Planning & Forecasting
Data cleansing before predictive analytics
Simple Forecasting Models
Exponential Smoothing
Intermittent & Discrete Data Models
Error Measurement
Planning & Forecasting Function & Process (coming soon)

  1. Predictive Analytics : Understanding ARIMA

Introduction to ARIMA
Components of ARIMA
Reading the ARIMA model
ARIMA Vs Exponential Smothing
ARIMA Vs Regression
ARIMA examples and computations

  1. New Product Forecasting Using Machine Learning

Need for new products
New product classification
Types of new product forecasting methods
Forecasting by analogy
Similar product selection using machine learning
Best product pick
Forecasting for new to the world products
Demo using the forecasting software

  1. Predictive Analytics : Understanding Exponential Smoothing (coming soon)
  2. Planning & Forecasting Process & Function (coming soon)


Medium of Delivery
On company premise if number of attendees are eight or more
Open house programs at common venue
Take Aways
Life time access to the online course material
Certificate of completion from IBF, USA

Topics Covered

Basics of planning and forecasting
What, Why, Who and When of planning process
Data cleansing before predictive analytics
Application of simple predictive methods
Understand application of advanced predictive methods
Planning for products with low or intermittent demand
New product forecasting technique
Error and improvement measurements
Functional roles in collaborative planning process
Concepts of unconstrained and constrained demand
Hands on experience with the data and models

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