Course Objectives and Key Take Away

Planning is no more a function specific activity today. The modern business set up is
moving towards the concept of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) as is the case
with the leading 
organizations in the world. In an integrated planning set up
all business functions participate and contribute 
to a one number planning process
that converges with the strategic business goal.

This new business planning process has opened up a
career growth option for the working professionals and
a new avenue for the management graduates from all streams.

All functions work to achieve planned
objectives or contribute to its making, irrespective and hence
the knowledge of the process is a must have
requirement for all professionals in any organization.

There are two important aspects of modern day business planning:

Quantitative Predictive Analytics Techniques

Modern technology in conjunction with data science and compulsions of the competitive marketplace
has provided the analytical firepower to the planning activity like never before in the history. Like it or not
but you cannot do without the knowledge of the quantitative techniques in the planning process.
Thanks to the advanced computing, you do not have to solve the algorithms but you must
understand their application without a compromise, to be able to leverage them effectively.

Cross Functional Collaboration

Integrated refers to the cross functional nature of modern day business planning.
All functions must understand and contribute to the planning activity
and work towards one number organizational goal.

This makes it imperative for professionals and leaders of tomorrow
from across the organization to be aware of and contribute to the exercise.

Topics Covered

  Basics of planning and forecasting
What, Why, Who and When of planning process
Data cleansing before predictive analytics
Application of simple predictive methods
Understand application of advanced predictive methods
Planning for products with low or intermittent demand
New product forecasting technique
Error and improvement measurements
Functional roles in collaborative planning process
Concepts of unconstrained and constrained demand

International Certification

The course has been designed and developed by Certified Professional Forecasters and hence carries principles endorsed by Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning, USA.

On successful completion of the course, you will be provided with an internationally
recognised certificate from the Institute of Business Planning and Forecasting, USA.

Medium of Delivery
Self paced online course with option to interact with questions

Take Aways
Life time access to the course material
Certificate of completion
Access to the forecasting software to practice concepts

Who should sign up?

Planning professionals wanting to sharpen their skills and get certification
All professional wanting to give edge to their career by adding new in demand skill set
Management students from all streams who want to be competitive in the market place

This is not a statistics course and hence does not delve into mathematical derivations of the various models or computation of statistical coefficients. The course aims to explain the application of these models and expects the professionals to be working with specialised planning software.

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